“(…) Blanca y Chuchi are far from orthodoxy. The fiddle sometimes plays the role of a drumming set, sometimes a Dulzaina. Same as Chuchi’s guitar. Being it the perfect companion sometimes it signs alone  and lets the fiddle beat the time. The music of this Castilian duo is close to traditional music. It reminds to jota, fandango and ancient songs from Burgos dulzaineros but it also has improvisation influenced by Chuchi’s US experiences.”

Javier Castro - Coordination manager of Folk Segovia. Blog de Folk Segovia 2010


“(…)Chuchi and Blanca have recorded like we used to: playing both live, retiring themselves to a peaceful place far from diary life and looking for those magical moments when one’s truth comes out. They’ve chosen the best take and limited the post-edition. The album is called “Mayo” and it sounds like freedom, Nature, serenity; It is elegant and genuine. When you listen to it the first time you can feel their commitment to Music, their happiness and how they’ve managed to break those rare laws that press us, finding in this way the peace and wellness. Mayo is light, love, dance and late-up nights where music and friends play and play."

El Norte de Castilla (newspaper)- Jesús Parra – guitarist and writer

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Mayo (2011)

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27 Septiembre - September 27th

Birdhouse Center for the Arts, Lambertville, NJ

28 Septiembre - September 28th

House concert, Red Hook, NY

30 Septiembre - September 30th

Acoustic Artisans, Portland, ME


2 Octubre - October 2nd

Book & Bar, Portsmouth, NH

6 Octubre - October 6th

House concert, Shelburne, VT7

Octubre - October 7th

Skinny Pancake, Montpelier, VT

8 Octubre - October 8th

Outpost 186, Cambridge, MA

9 Octubre - October 9th

Stamell Stringed Instruments, Amherst, MA

11 Octubre - October 11th

Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Durham,

12 Octubre - October 12th

Lily Pads, Peace Dale, RI