Castilians fiddler and guitarist, Blanca Altable and Jesús Enrique "Chuchi" are founders of this young and up and coming band, Blanca Altable & Chuchi². They have managed to be recognized in the Spanish Folk Scene in a very short time. ​

   Their first album Mayo was released on 2011. In it you will listen to the beautiful traditional tunes with delicate and careful arrangements and their original tunes full of vitality, joy and strength. Guest musicians in this first work are well known musicians as Guinean Drummer Alex Îkot, Californian cellist Natalie Haas and fiddler Galen Fraser and Spanish fiddler Diego Galaz.

   Their musical offer, "original and brave" - José Miguel López, Discópolis National Radio of Spain (RNE3) rescues ancient Castilian traditional tunes and partitions, mainly from Burgos province. They rearrange them in a fresh, sincere and young mood and interpret them mixing the subtle and delicate details of the traditional expression and with XXIst new mood.​

Shortly after the creation of the band they are awarded with the National Spanish prize INJUVE 2010 (National Prize to the Musical Creation) and are semifinalists of the known folk prize V Escenario Prau. They have also been chosen lately to represent Spain at Svetozar Stracina Grand Prix, Bratislava (Slovakia).​

   Blanca Altable & Chuchi² are regular performers at Spanish stages as Círculo de Bellas Artes, La Elisa (Madrid), El Penicilino (Valladolid), The Casa del Cordón Auditorium (Burgos), El Arenal (Ávila) or the Museo Etnográfico de Castilla- León museum (Zamora).
Among their performances in Festivals we find: Castilla Folk, ZamoraFolk, FolkSegovia, Folkomillas, Kenyan International Film Festival, Karthoum International Music Festival or  the 32nd EBU Folk Festival 2011 in Opatija (Croatia) where (thanks to RNE  National Radio of Spain) they represented Spain and Spanish new folk again.​


They are musically influenced by American folk, Scottish, Galician and Breton music and a very wide list of European influences but they are always faithful and linked to their roots and Castilian origins and they have managed to revive the Castilian tradition and be listened by an extended public thanks to their vision, freshness and new point of view.
Because Music is Music  

Between their loved musicians we find: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Tony Mcmanus, Brittany Haas, Darol Anger, Christian Howes, Jackon 5, Vasen, Capercaillie, Flook, Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, La Musgaña, Paco de Lucía, Berrogüeto... a wide and heterogeneous background that makes them see and interpret Music as whole art and break any border.  ​


Blanca Altable & Chuchi² have traced a very special relationship with Africa being the only and unique Spanish folk band collaborating with Microfestival VocalizÁfrica: Africa answers to VIH; a non-profit project produced by VOCA (Vibe and Conscious Work of Art) and AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation). With unprecedented arrangements between African and Castilian music they have set their complicity the international and experienced producer Gus Lescouflair, (UK, France y EE.UU.).
This project also seems to have taken them to a recent and successful tour in Africa (South-Africa, Sudan, Kenya and Seychelles), produced by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Developing).​




Chuchi (Jesús Enrique Cuadrado - 1982) is already a name in the Castilian folk guitar world. His versatility and unmistakable style are precious qualities in him and everyone notices that. ​He is a highly demanded guitarist in the Spanish folk scene. 

He is cofounder of Vallarna, the Castilian folk band winner of the prestigious prizes Escenario Prau y Folkez Blai. They recorded KM 90 (Folka Récord, 2009, produced by Antón Dávila  and Suso Ramallo). He has also founded the bouzouki-guitar duo El Búho Dinámico and the new Castillian Folk sensation: Sons d’ Cabiella.​

As a guitarist, composer and arranger he has worked with Folkfussion, A Gramalleira (he recorded with Goyo Yebes from Celtas Cortos), Celtas Cortos (folk cover of “Retales de una Vida”), Xerfa, María Salgado, y Anxo Lorenzo (worldwide considered as a virtuous piper) and many others.

He has been, and still is, trained by big Spanish and international musicians as Tony Mcmanus, Alasdair Fraser, William Coulter, Scott Law, Carlos Beceiro, Xosé Liz, Rául Olivar, Yann Falquet ...  This curiosity about new styles, versatility and background diversity makes him being one of the most demanded guitarists at the Spanish acoustic world.

Chuchi is also member of the irish-spanish band Nua with the ex-first River Dance violinist Eoghann Neff

Along his successful and long career he’s played in many festivals as Festival de Sendín (Portugal), Goikoorts (Belgium), 32 EBU Folk Festival (Croatia) Cantabria Infinita, Carmucu, Tierradura Folk, La Noche Celta de Fitoria, o el Irish Fleadh de Cáceres among many others.


Blanca Altable (1984) stands out in the Castilian fiddle world. Despite her youth, she is now a name.

Her style, passionate and emotive has found the lot to grow in with the project Blanca Altable & Chuchi². Her tone is intimate, joyful, powerful and delicate.

She expreses herself through folk music (thought she collaborates with indie, electronic or singer-songwriter projects playing at venues like Intermón Oxfam Festival, Galileo Galilei, Castilla Folk Festival, Uburama Festival...) and she has been self-taught since she was 18 to which relates to new styles and creative techniques.

Always investigating and training herself, she has been learning with international names as: Alasdair Fraser, Diego Galaz, Christian Howes, Laura Cortese, Mark O’Connor (Mark O’Connor’s fiddle camp in New York), Martin Hayes, Cassey Driessen, Joe Deninzon etc. She’s won the recognition of institutions as pe. the Spanish Ministry of Culture (INJUVE 2010) and Caja de Burgos, having won twice the scholarship “Jóvenes Excelentes” with which she could attend to the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School in California.

In her beginings as fiddler she belonged to bands as Los Condestables (traditional Castilian music) and Salvador Amor (son of the Argentinian singer-songwriter Rafael Amor), with whom she recorded two albums QUÉ NOS PASÓ (2007) y BUEN AIRE (2010).

Always with a creative soul in Music, as in teaching or project managing, she combines her work as professional musician with personalized teaching and the managing of the fiddle camp Crisol de Cuerda, a unique camp in Europe directed by fiddler Alasdair Fraser.

She's now working on new projects that will be released during 2013.